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AI Robotica Smart Autopilot

Leading err to zero

Intro: Welcome

AI Robotica Smart Autopilot

Creating Artificial Brains that makes things fly

Imagine a world where all the flying ideas are possible, no matter the application, weight, complexity, place or size. A world without limits.    

Flying its our passion and our main driver. Every single one of us, have been flying and thinking about understanding flying for decades.  

We really think we have created a game changer, not only for controlling unmanned flying, but also for autonomous flying.

We strongly believe we can make the world a better, more efficient and cleaner place, reducing our trace with humanless operations; increasing quality of life, through Efficiency, Innovation and Design.

Intro: History

Main Features 

  • Real Autonomous Flying without camera guidance

  • Continuous Control without blind spots

  • Lift Payloads starting at 500 Kg.

  • Capable of controlling multiple variable blades for any n-copter

  • Take Off and Land Vertically

  • Deliver a Superior Autonomy

  • Robust and Redundant Design

  • Using Inertial Navigation System, does NOT depend on the GPS signal

  • Aerospace Quality

  • Trustable, Safe and Efficient on critical operations

  • Adaptive Control

Intro: About
Intro: About
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